Providing the goodness of eggs to the world since 1929.

Established in 1929, Weaver Brothers, Inc. is a third-generation family farm still owned and managed by the founding family with the fourth generation of the family now working in Versailles, Ohio. The company is fully integrated, featuring grain production, a feed mill, and egg production and processing.

The company has been an integral part of the community for many years and takes the role of community leader seriously, as demonstrated by the farm’s tendency to consistently go above and beyond legal and regulatory environmental requirements.

In Weaver Brothers more than 85 years of business, the farm’s 350 employees have worked tirelessly to ensure that our farms are leaders among the egg farming community. Because of this continued commitment to being diligent stewards of the environment and good neighbors in the community, Weaver Brothers has been recognized numerous times with state and national awards.

Our Leaders

From left to right, …  Chuck Jenkins, Kevin Dailey, Tim Weaver, Kreg Kohli, Steve Langston, Alex Weaver, Bob Gornichec, Terry Schweiterman, Chris Batten, Bruce Burrow, Jerry Francis.

Our leadership team has a combined industry experience of over 250 years.  The depth and breadth of knowledge our team has to offer, adds immense value to our supply chain and customers. Collectively, we have a group of seasoned professionals combined with up and coming talent that makes for a well-rounded team.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in our company and on our farms. 

Weaver Brothers’ approach to environmental and community responsibility is applied across our company’s farms. Additionally, our farms take all steps necessary to protect both the health of our birds and the safety and quality of our eggs.