Weaver Eggs provides a variety of egg and dairy products that are produced under a variety of recognized brands. All foods are produced under the highest-quality standards and are sold at major retailers.Weaver Brothers provides a complete line of shell eggs including cage free, organic and Eggland’s Best.  Our company product line also includes cheese and refrigerated baked goods.


 Weaver Eggs sells both shell and further-processed eggs to retailers across the country for consumers. Our farm supplies cage-free brown eggs under the Crystal Springs Amish label.

Weaver Eggs also produces and supplies a variety of egg types and sizes under the Eggland’s Best label, including:

  • Organic

  • Cage-free

  • Hard-cooked, 6 count

  • Extra large

  • Large

  • Large, 18 count

  • Liquid egg whites

 Our farms also offer a complete line of eggs – shell, further-processed and specialty – to foodservice providers.


 Weaver Eggs offers a complete line of dairy products and refrigerated baked goods under the Crystal Farms label. Our products include:

  • Random Weight

  • Exact Weight

  • Shreds

  • Sticks and Shreds

  • Butter and Cream Cheese

  • Bagel and Tortilla

 Also offering many other specialty cheese items and baked goods.

 For more information on Weaver Eggs’ products, please contact 1-800-762-4992